PV Peninsula Closes Out College Prep


Oakland, CA — Congratulations to PV Peninsula’s Arjun Tambe and Akhil Jalan for closing out the 2014 College Preparatory School Invitational! In semifinals, Arjun defeated Del Mar’s Varun Bhave; Akhil defeated Miramonte’s Tom Kadie. Congratulations to Arjun and Akhil! Arjun and Akhil are coached by Chris Theis and Scott Wheeler. CPS is a quarterfinals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions.


Pairings can be found on Tabroom: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=3406


Congratulations to Tom Kadie, Micah Rosen, Jacob Reiter, Arjun Tambe, Akhil Jalan, Shivane Sabharwal, Kevin Krotz, and Varun Bhave for reaching quarterfinals and earning bids!


Partial Triple Octafinals/Runoffs

Harker SP def Mission San Jose PB

Crossroads NS def San Marino KW

Arbor View AA def Mission San Jose AB

John Marshall DD def Los Altos SN

Oakwood JW def Monta Vista SS

Peninsula KK def Loyola ZM

Del Mar OG def Palo Alto AL

Los Altos JN def Palo Alto AM

Oakwood AB over Oakwood JS


Double Octafinals

Peninsula AJ def Oakwood AB (Chen, Knell, Yanofsky)

Miramonte TK def Oakwood JW (Damerdji, Saggi, Chen)

Miramonte AB def La Canada AZ (Hunt, Clemmons, Ziaee)

Brentwood JL def Crossroads NS (Jacobson, Bhattacharya, Hunt)

Peninsula AT def Arbor View AA (Fink, Lamothe, Siddiqi)

Brentwood MR def Lynbrook DW (Carter, Kymn, Peiris)

Harker KQ def Saratoga SD (Peiris, Carter, Kymn)

LAMP RR def Del Mar AI (Overing, Saggi, Jaffer)

Harker SP def Peninsula JL (Overing, Alderete, Berger)

Brentwood JR def Peninsula KK (Newkirk, Saluja, Bhattacharya)

Del Mar KK def John Marshall DD (Newkirk, Dharani, Knell)

Brentwood CH def Dougherty Valley SZ (Pyda, Damerdji, Kennedy)

Brentwood JC def BASIS Scottsdale CD (Pyda, Kennedy, Fife)

Peninsula JZ def Los Altos JN (Dharani, Fife, Glenn)

Mission San Jose SS def Mountain Pointe EH (Saluja, DeBois, Yanofsky)

Del Mar VB over Del Mar OG



Del Mar KK def Harker SP (Jacobson, Hunt, Carter)

Peninsula AJ def Harker KQ (Amestoy, Alderete, Knell)

Del Mar VB def Brentwood JC (Fife, Kymn, Jaffer)

Brentwood JR def LAMP RR (Damerdji, Saggi, Yanofsky)

Peninsula AT def Brentwood CH (Pyda, DeBois, Lamothe)

Mission San Jose SS def Peninsula JZ (Fink, Siddiqi, Chen)

Brentwood JL over Brentwood MR

Miramonte TK over Miramonte AB


Quarterfinals (bid)

Miramonte TK def Brentwood JL (Jackson Lallas) (Pyda, Yanofsky, Wheeler)

Peninsula AJ def Brentwood JR (Jacob Reiter) (Kymn, Lamothe, Hunt)

Peninsula AT def Del Mar KK (Kevin Krotz) (Lawrence, DeBois, Chen)

Del Mar VB def Mission San Jose SS (Shivane Sabharwal) (Fife, Jacobson, Nag)



Peninsula AJ def Miramonte TK (Tom Kadie) (Jacobson, Lawrence, Yanofsky)

Peninsula AT def Del Mar VB (Varun Bhave) (DeBois, Fife, Kymn)



Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe) and Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan)