Why VBI: Alumni Success in 2014

VBI alumni have achieved unprecedented competitive success over the past decade. They have won

  • 10 TOC championships, five of which were VBI alumni closeouts,
  • 10 NSDA championships,
  • 9 NCFL championships, and
  • 5 NDCA championships.

VBI alumni have also been Top Speaker at the TOC six times and at the NDCA six times. They have even won national championships in other events: they have won the NCFL championship in extemporaneous speaking and both the national championship and national final round in both international and domestic extemporaneous speaking.

More recently,

  • All eight quarterfinalists at the 2014 TOC were VBI alumni.
  • VBI alumni received most TOC bids awarded so far this season.
  • VBI alumni received most TOC bids awarded last season.
  • All ten of the debaters with the most TOC bids last season were VBI alumni.
  • All octos-bid tournaments last season were won by VBI alumni.

In the year 2014, VBI alumni won the following national tournaments (with VBI closeouts marked with *):

  • Alta*
  • Barkley Forum
  • Battle for Los Angeles Round Robin*
  • Beltway
  • Berkeley*
  • Bump
  • California Round Robin*
  • Columbia
  • CPS*
  • Damus*
  • Golden Desert
  • Grapevine
  • Greenhill Round Robin*
  • Harrison Round Robin
  • Harvard National Invitational
  • Harvard Round Robin
  • JV Western Championships*
  • Kandi King Round Robin*
  • Lexington*
  • Loyola*
  • Meadows
  • Mineapple Round Robin*
  • NCFL
  • NDCA
  • NSDA
  • Penn Round Robin*
  • Santa Clara*
  • St. Mark’s*
  • Stanford*
  • Strake Jesuit
  • The Sunvitational
  • The Glenbrooks*
  • The New York City Invitational
  • TOC*
  • USC*
  • UT
  • Valley
  • Valley Round Robin*
  • VBT*
  • Vestavia
  • Voices Round Robin*
  • Voices*
  • Wake Forest
  • Young Lawyers

We don’t claim to make champions. But VBI is where champions choose to go. Here’s to a great 2015!

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