Why VBI: Multiple Camps

This summer, VBI is offering eight weeks of camp at three amazing locations: Swarthmore College, Occidental College, and the University of Chicago. Unlike previous summers where each VBI location has been run separately, all three VBI 2015 sessions will offer the same rigorous curriculum and individualized instruction designed to help meet your goals.

Many students choose to attend multiple VBI sessions over the summer. Here are some of the reasons to do that this year:

1. Lab advancement. We guarantee that if you attend multiple sessions of VBI, you’ll be in a more advanced lab at subsequent sessions. This will help you maximize your progress this summer.

2. Curricular differentiation. Attending multiple VBIs allows you to work with different instructors, to attend different electives, and to hear ideas from different guest lecturers. If you’ve already attended a given curricular item at a previous session (e.g., the core philosophy seminars), you can place into more advanced offerings for Repeaters at subsequent sessions.

3. Location diversity. If you attend multiple VBIs, you’ll get a taste of different college environments: it’s important to experience the environment of a large research university, such as UChicago, and the setting of a liberal arts college, such as Swat or Oxy, before deciding where to apply or go to college.

4. Multicamp discount. Signing up for multiple VBIs may be less expensive than doing a single VBI plus another camp. If you sign up for two VBIs, you’ll get a discount of $250. If you sign up for three (not for the faint of heart!), you’ll get a discount of $600. (If you’ve already signed up for multiple camps, we’ll email you to get you the discount shortly.)

Sign up now to reserve a spot. Pay in full by February 15 for an additional $100 discount.