Greenhill Closes Out 2015 Debate.LA Challenge


Studio City, CA — Congratulations to Greenhill’s Varad Agarwala and Bennett Eckert for closing out the 2015 Harvard-Westlake Debate.LA Challenge hosted at the Harvard-Westlake School! In semifinals, Varad defeated Harker’s Pranav Reddy on a 2-1 decision (Letak*, Theis, Parasarathy); Bennett defeated Torrey Pine’s Varun Bhave on a 3-0 decision (Fink, Amestoy, Sullivan). Congratulations to all debaters!

The Debate.LA Challenge used an alternate pairing format debaters were allowed to “challenge” each other for their pairings. Out of a pool of 32 debaters, debaters had an opportunity to challenge anyone else in the pool, starting with the lowest seeded debater after each round. The rounds were adjudicated in a normal round robin format, with a two-person panel. The top four debaters in ballot count advanced to semifinals.



Greenhill VA def Harker PR (Pranav Reddy) 2-1 (Letak*, Theis, Parasarathy)

Greenhill BE def Torrey Pines VB (Varun Bhave) 3-0 (Fink, Amestoy, Sullivan)



Greenhill VA (Varad Agarwala) and Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert)


Top Speakers

  1. Torrey Pines – Varun Bhave

  2. PV Peninsula – Akhil Jalan

  3. Harvard-Westlake – Cameron Cohen