Millard North Closes Out 2015 Westside


Omaha, NE — Congratulations to Millard North’s Priya Kukreja and Grant Brown for closing out the 2015 Westside Warrior Debate Tournament held at Omaha Westside High School. In semifinals, Priya and Grant defeated West Des Moines Valley’s Evan McKinney and TJ Foley, respectively. Congratulations to Priya and Grant for closing out and qualifying to the Tournament of Champions! This is the second time Grant and Priya have closed out a tournament, having closed out Dowling Catholic a few weeks ago. Priya and Grant are coached by Ananya Mitra, Connor Brown, Lauren Burdt, and Aaron Schurevich.


Full results can be found on Joy of Tournaments:



Millard North GB def Lincoln CM (Woodford, Woiwood, Walter)

Millard North PK def Lincoln Southwest Deb MH (Sloven, Stevens, Welter)

West Des Moines Valle EM def Lincoln EY (Genrich, Burdt, Jones)

West Des Moines Valle TF over West Des Moines Valle GS



Millard North GB def West Des Moines Valle TF (TJ Foley) (Stevens, Genrich, Warma)

Millard North PK def West Des Moines Valley EM (Evan McKinney) (Jones, Woodford, Turley)



Millard North GB (Grant Brown) and Millard North PK (Priya Kukreja)


  • mcgin029

    The Millard North coaching staff is doing a tremendous job. Of course, with kids as talented as theirs, it’s not too hard to train up champions. Congrats to the whole squad and their coaches on winning the helmet. You know, the one helmet that they won. 🙂

  • Grant Brown

    Shout out to the Valley squad for some great rounds and competition as always (especially Evan for rocking the leather Sperry’s). Also shout outs to all the Lincoln Schools that cleared for likewise great competition, friendship, and making a great showing and repping Nebraska! Hella props to the Tab Room for keeping the tournament running smoothly, and Ms. Baker from Westside for taking on the Head Coach position at Westside this year and holding it strong! Viva Westside!