Peninsula Closes Out Lexington



Lexington, MA — Congratulations to PV Peninsula’s Arjun Tambe and Akhil Jalan for closing out the 2015 Lexington Invitational! In semifinals, Arjun defeated Newark Science’s Christian Quiroz; Akhil defeated Del Mar’s Varun Bhave. Congratulations to both debaters! Arjun and Akhil are coached by Scott Wheeler, Chris Theis, and Akash Gogate.

Pairings can be found on Tabroom:


Top Speakers

  1. Del Mar – Varun Bhave

  2. Cypress Bay – Jake Steirn

  3. Peninsula – Arjun Tambe

  4. Sacred Heart – Adam Tomasi

  5. Peninsula – Akhil Jalan

  6. Bronx Science – Griffin Miller

  7. Del Mar – Sujay Singh

  8. Harvard-Westlake – Nick Steele

  9. Walt Whitman – Sophia Caldera

  10. Harvard-Westlake – Cameron Cohen


Double Octafinals

Peninsula AT def Bronx JS

Newark CQ def Millburn WH

Bronx GM def Hunter College SC

Peninsula AJ def Bronx CL

Oxbridge NV def McDowell JP

Sacred Heart AT def Byram Hills PE

Harvard-Westlake NS def Del Mar KK

Cypress Bay JS def John Marshall DD

Scarsdale MB def Lake Highland RS

Scarsdale RG def Del Mar SS

Walt Whitman SC def Hunter College AK

Del Mar VB def WDM Valley TG

Byram Hills AJ def Hunter College BL

Harvard-Westlake CC def WDM Valley GS

Lake Highland SP def Bronx ID

Walt Whitman LK def Newark AK



Newark CQ def Sacred Heart AT 2-1 (Hordines, Lavelle, Kuzmenko*)

Walt Whitman LK def Bronx GM 2-1 (Kors*, Millman, Curtis)

Peninsula AJ def Oxbridge NV 2-1 (DeBois, Levy*, Gorthey)

Cypress Bay JS def Scarsdale MB 3-0 (Koh, Li, Melnick)

Del Mar VB def Scarsdale RG 2-1 (Massey, Wheeler*, Lonam)

Walt Whitman SC def Byram Hills AJ 2-1 (Hom, Cha*, Zhou)

Peninsula AT def Lake Highland SP 3-0 (Pregasen, Evnen, Chen)

Harvard-Westlake NS over Harvard-Westlake CC


Quarterfinals (bid)

Newark CQ def Walt Whitman SC (Sophia Caldera) 3-0 (Curtis, Kors, Cha)

Peninsula AJ def Harvard-Westlake NS (Nick Steele) 2-1 (Chen, Kymn*, White)

Peninsula AT def Walt Whitman LK (Leora Korn) 2-1 (Evnen, DeBois*, Gorthey)

Del Mar VB over Cypress Bay JS (Jake Steirn) (flight)



Peninsula AT def Newark CQ (Christian Quiroz) 2-1 (Lavelle, Kors, Hordines*)

Peninsula AJ def Del Mar VB (Varun Bhave) 2-1 (Chen, DeBois*, Curtis)



Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe) and Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan)