Tinuola Dada Wins Federal Way

Fed way final

Federal Way, WA — Congratulations to Eastside Catholic’s Tinuola Dada and Bainbridge Island’s James Maltman for reaching the finals of the 2015 Federal Way Tournament. Tinuola defeated James in the final round. Congratulations to both debaters!


Bainbridge CW advances without debating

Bainbridge JM advances without debating

ECHS TD advances without debating

Bainbridge NM def Central Valley AM (Arin Mitchell)

ECHS JM def Federal Way LP

Gig Harbor AB def Eisenhower  JH (Julianne Hoberg)

Gig Harbor CA def. ECHS DD (Dino de Raad)

Gig Harbor EA def Capital JS (Julian Scott)


Gig Harbor EA def Bainbridge CW (Cedar Williams)

Bainbridge JM def ECHS JM (Joseph Meehan)

ECHS TD def Gig Harbor CA (Cameron Allen)

Bainbridge NM def Gig Harbor AB (Alec Bellis)


Bainbridge JM def Gig Harbor EA (Eric Anderson)

ECHS TD def Bainbridge NM (Nathaniel Mahlum)


ECHS TD def Bainbridge JM (James Maltman)


ECHS TD (Tinuola Dada)