Ben Laufer Wins the 2015 Columbia Invitational


New York, NY — Congratulations to Hunter College’s Ben Laufer for winning the 2015 Columbia Invitational, held at Columbia University in the City of New York. In finals, Ben defeated Sacred Heart’s Adam Tomasi on a 2-1 decision (Ulene, Kwan, Koh*). Congratulations to Ben for winning the tournament and finishing his qualification to the Tournament of Champions, and to Adam for reaching finals. Ben is coached by Danny Li; Adam is coached by Jacob Nails.

Columbia is a finals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. Pairings can be found on Tabroom:



Cambridge OS def Manchester Essex NA 3-0

Byram Hills PE def Harrison MZ 2-1

Bronx Science CL def Harrison RP 3-0

Byram Hills AJ def Collegiate EW 3-0

Hunter College BL def Harrison AE 3-0

Sacred Heart AT def Benjamin Cardozo AB 3-0

Hunter College NP def Bronx Science DR 3-0

Collegiate DK over Collegiate KY



Byram Hills AJ def Cambridge OS 3-0 (Farrell, Gichan, Hertzig)

Byram Hills PE def Collegiate DK 3-0 (Aguirre, Haughton, Jain)

Hunter College BL def Bronx Science CL 3-0 (Heizelman, Koh, Kuzmenko)

Sacred Heart AT def Hunter College NP 2-1 (Kymn*, Stafford, Ulene)



Hunter College BL def Byram Hills AJ (Amos Jeng) (Gichan, Kymn, Heizelman)

Sacred Heart AT def Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger) (Bhat, Biel, Haughton)



Hunter College BL def Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi) 2-1 (Koh*, Kwan, Ulene)



Hunter College BL (Ben Laufer)