Bennett Eckert Wins Colleyville


Colleyville, TX — Congratulations to Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert for winning the 2015 Colleyville Heritage Tournament! In finals, Bennett defeated Flower Mound’s Jalaj Sood on a 3-0 decision (Zhou, Berdugo, Shivji). Congratulations to both debaters!

Colleyville is a finals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. The tournament will feature five preliminary rounds, before breaks to an octafinals round. It took a 3-2 record with 87.1 high/low + 145 total speaks to clear.

Pairings can be found on Joy of Tournaments:


Speaker Awards

  1. Bennett Eckert (Greenhill BE)

  2. Alexander Yoakum (Grapevine AY)

  3. Dino DeLaO (Law Magnet DD)

  4. Shomik Ati (Plano East SA)

  5. Abbey Chapman (Woodlands AC)

  6. Aashima Garg (Hockaday AG)

  7. Jalaj Sood (Flower Mound JS)

  8. Jeremy Tsai (Flower Mound JT)

  9. Aimun Khan (Plano East AK)

  10. Anne-Marie Hwang (Hockaday AH)



Greenhill BE def Liberty Christian BS 3-0 (Woods, Zhou, Melin)

Law Magnet DD def Flower Mound AA 3-0 (Woods, Zhou, Melin)

Grapevine AY def Flower Mound JT 3-0 (Roberts, Berdugo, Powell)

Plano East SA def Cypress Falls KS 3-0 (Roberts, Berdugo, Powell)

Flower Mound JS def Cypress Woods NS 3-0 (Cavanaugh, Wright, Koshak)

Hockaday LU def Woodlands AC 2-1 (Vacanaugh, Wright*, Koshak)

Hockaday AH def Dulles NB 2-1 (Boyer, Paramo*, Becker)

Hockaday AG def Plano East AK 3-0 (Boyer, Paramo, Becker)



Greenhill BE def Hockaday AG (Powell, Becker, Eddy)

Grapevine AY def Hockaday LU (Paramo, Boyer, Roberts)

Flower Mound JS def Plano East SA (Melin, Smith, Zhou)

Law Magnet DD def Hockaday AH (Cavanaugh, Berdugo, Yim)



Greenhill BE def Law Magnet DD (Dino De La O) 2-1 (Becker, Melin*, Cavanaugh)

Flower Mound JS def Grapevine AY (Alexander Yoakum) 2-1 (Berdugo*, Powell, Wright)



Greenhill BE def Flower Mound JS (Jalaj Sood) 3-0 (Zhou, Berdugo, Shivji)



Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert)