Newark Science Closes Out Scarsdale

Scarsdale, NY — Congratulations to Newark Science’s Christian Quiroz and Amit Kukreja for closing out the 2015 Scarsdale Invitational! In semifinals, Christian defeated Bronx Science’s Diganta Rashed on a 2-1 decision (Cumming*, Pregasen, Gizzarelli); Amit defeated Bronx Science’s Carolyn Lau on a 3-0 decision (Chocolate, Zhou, Hordines). Congratulations to all!

Scarsdale is a finals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. Pairings can be found on Tabroom:



Stuyvesant SL def Hunter College AKu (Astacio, Thaler, Struver)

Bronx Science DR def Harrison KK (Li, Ross, White)

Bronx Science CL def Hunter College NPo (Aguirre, Cumming, Hordines)

Hunter College SC def Byram Hills PE (Elisetty, Zhou, Gizzarelli)

Benjamin Cardozo AB def Harrison SR (Chocolate, Roth, Massac)

Millburn WH def Monticello DA (Ulene, Tirado, Lutfy)

Newark Science CQ def Bronx Science ID (Biel, Hertzig, Page)

Newark Science AK def Harrison AG (Garofalo, Han, Pregasen)



Bronx Science DR def Stuyvesant SL (Shannon Lee) 3-0 (Astacio, White, Li)

Bronx Science CL def Millburn WH (Wesley Hu) 2-1 (Ulene, Aguirre, Thaler*)

Newark Science CQ def Hunter College SC (Sarah Cogan) 2-1 (Hordines, Elisetty, Pregasen*)

Newark Science AK def Benjamin Cardozo AB (Alex Boukis) 3-0 (Cumming, Gizzarelli, Massac)



Newark Science CQ def Bronx Science DR 2-1 (Cumming*, Gizzarelli, Pregasen)

Newark Science AK def Bronx Science CL 3-0 (Chocolate, Zhou, Hordines)



Newark Science CQ (Christian Quiroz) and Newark Science AK (Amit Kukreja)