David Branse Wins the 2015 Harvard Invitational


Cambridge, MA — Congratulations to University’s David Branse for winning the 2015 Harvard Invitational! In finals, David defeated Cypress Bay’s Jake Steirn on a 3-0 decision (Drucker, Kymn, Massey). Congratulations to both debaters! David is coached by Zach Prax, Tom Evnen, and Grant Reiter. Jake is coached by Megan Loden, Grant Reiter, Bob Overing, Robbie Steirn, Martin Sigalow, Nick Montecalvo, Ben Miller, Tim West, Sam Azbel, Michael Fried, and Coach Doug.

Harvard is an octafinals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. Due to inclement weather, the second day of competition was canceled, after four preliminary rounds on Saturday. The tournament resumed on Monday morning, with breaks to a triple octafinal round.

For pairings, check out Tabroom: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=3610


Triple Octafinals

Hopkins SG def Bronx Science JS

Evanston EW def Harrison RP

Hunter College NP def Lexington JK

University DB def Plano East SA

Westlake DB def Dulles AW

Byram Hills AJ def North Allegheny JZ

Evanston CT def Walt Whitman NL

Kinkaid TG def duPont Manual XH

Hawken NK def Scarsdale AY

Lake Highland NK def Brophy BM

Lake Highland RS def Walt Whitman LK

Walt Whitman SC def Lexington PC

Sacred Heart AT def Pinecrest MS

Harrison SR def Concord Carlisle DL

Harrison SO def Lake Highland AA

Cypress Bay JS def Lake Highland SP

Millburn WH def American Heritage JY

Clements FT def Stuyvesant KW

Dulles NB def Crandall GP

Harrison AG def Scarsdale MB

Eastside Catholic TD def Scarsdale DW

Woodlands College Park VM def Clements RG

Harrison KK def Lake Highland KP

Strake Jesuit SM def Ridge SK

Harvard-Westlake CC def University JR

Glenbrook JB def Cambridge PO

North Allegheny GR def Dulles KS

Scarsdale RG def Collegiate DK

Hunter College SC def Ridge NP

Lexington DA def Montville EH

Durham DB def St. Thomas JB

Hunter College BL def Episcopal AB


Double Octafinals

Dulles NB def Glenbrook JB 3-0

Eastside Catholic TD def Byram Hills AJ 2-1

Harvard-Westlake CC def Strake Jesuit SM 3-0

Hunter College BL def Woodlands College Park VM 3-0

Sacred Heart AT def Westlake DB 3-0

Hunter College NP def Lake Highland RS

Clements FT def North Allegheny GR 3-0

Lexington DA def Millburn WH 3-0

Scarsdale RG def Lake Highland NK 2-1

Cypress Bay JS def Evanston EW 2-1

Hawken NK def Walt Whitman SC 2-1

Evanston CT def Kinkaid TG 2-1

Hopkins SG def Durham DB 2-1

University DB def Hunter College SC 3-0

Harrison KK over Harrison AG

Harrison SR over Harrison SO


Octafinals (bid)

Harrison KK def Hawken NK (Nicole Kastelic) 3-0 (Bhat, Fitzgerald, Li)

University DB def Harrison SR (Sarah Ryan) 3-0 (Begley, Drucker, Szulanski)

Lexington DA def Evanston CT (Carlos Taylor) 2-1 (Tartakovsky, Gorthey, Hertzig*)

Hunter College NP def Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi) 2-1 (Massey, Harris, Guha-Majumdar)

Hunter College BL def Clements FT (Felix Tan) 3-0 (Gofman, Chocolate, Richards)

Harvard-Westlake CC def Dulles NB (Nolan Burdett) 2-1 (Koshak*, Koh, Chernick)

Cypress Bay JS over Eastside Catholic TD (Tinuola Dada)

Scarsdale RG over Hopkins SG (Sam Greenwald)



Cypress Bay JS def Harvard-Westlake CC (Cameron Cohen) 3-0 (Gorthey, Drucker, Yim)

Lexington DA def Harrison KK (Kathryn Kenny) 2-1 (Li, Evnen, Richards*)

University DB def Hunter College NP (Nina Potischman) 2-1 (DeBois, Millman*, Massey)

Scarsdale RG over Hunter College BL (Ben Laufer)



Cypress Bay JS def Lexington DA (Dan Alessandro) 3-0 (Evnen, Kymn, Posner)

University DB def Scarsdale RG (Rahul Gosain) 3-0 (DeBois, Ditzian, Massey)



University DB def Cypress Bay JS (Jake Steirn) 3-0 (Drucker, Kymn, Massey)



University DB (David Branse)