Newark Science Closes Out 2015 Berkeley Invitational



Berkeley, CA — Congratulations to Newark Science’s SunHee Simon and Christian Quiroz for closing out the 2015 Cal Invitational at the University of California, Berkeley! In semifinals, SunHee defeated Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert; Christian walked over teammate Adegoke Fakorede. Congratulations to all! SunHee, Christian, and Adegoke are coached by Jonathan Alston, Chris Randall, and Tommy Curry. Bennett is coached by Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, Josh Roberts, and Rebecca Kuang.

Berkeley is an octafinals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. The tournament will have six preliminary rounds. All speech and debate events will be held on the UC Berkeley campus this year, so each event will only run three rounds per day. Preliminary rounds will run from Saturday to Sunday, with elimination rounds on Monday.

Pairings can be found on Tabroom: 


Triple Octafinals

Newark Science CQ def Mountain View KX

Peninsula AT def Harker RX

John Marshall DD def Northland Christian DS

Brentwood JP def Saratoga SD

Newark Science AK def Oakwood NM

Torrey Pines KK def San Marino KW

Brentwood JL def Lynbrook VV

Brentwood JR def Harvard-Westlake CE

Harvard-Westlake NS def Timberline JWy

Greenhill GB def Loyola ZM

Crossroads NS def Harvard-Westlake EE

Harker PR def Bellarmine NT

Peninsula KK def Kinkaid JY

Oakwood JW def Kinkaid NK

Peninsula AJ def Harker KQ

Dougherty Valley CR def Sprague BR

Peninsula JZ def Bainbridge CW

Greenhill VA def Boise KD

Miramonte TK def Palo Alto AL

Katy Taylor NY def Flintridge MC

Peninsula IG def Palo Alto AM

Miramonte AB def Lake Highland MC

Brentwood MR def Evergray KV

Brentwood JC def Torrey Pines AI

Newark Science AF def Northland Christian DL

Torrey Pines VB def Peninsula JL

Presentation MS def Brentwood CH

Newark Science SS def Immaculate Heart LM

Lynbrook NS def Cypress Bay IP

Los Altos JN def Bellarmine OS

Lynbrook DW def Dougherty Valley SZ

Greenhill BE def Palo Alto AM


Double Octafinals

Brentwood JL vs Newark Science AK (Newkirk, Letak, Silberman)

Newark Science SS vs Brentwood MR (Alderete, Hunt, Silberman)

Greenhill GB vs Brentwood JC (Coffman, Fink, Gingold)

Harker PR vs Presentation MS (Alderete, Legried, Overing)

Greenhill VA vs Torrey Pines KK (Letak, Legried, Berger)

Oakwood JW vs Brentwood JR (Yanofsky, Damerdji, Lonam)

Peninsula AJ vs Crossroads NS (Scher, Knell, Leone)

Torrey Pines VB vs Peninsula JZ (Leone, Scher, Knell)

Harvard-Westlake NS vs Miramonte AB (Amestoy, Johnson, Hudgens)

Newark Science AF vs Miramonte TK (Mathur, Wheeler, Hunt)

Greenhill BE vs Katy Taylor NY (Huston, Wheeler, Coffman)

Newark Science CQ vs Lynbrook NS (Go, Fife, Erickson)

Dougherty Valley CR vs Peninsula KK (Go, Overing, Martel)

Brentwood JP vs Lynbrook DW (Amestoy, Horowitz, Chen)

John Marshall DD vs Los Altos JN (Fife, Lin, Chen)

Peninsula AT over Peninsula IG


Octafinals (bid)

Newark Science SS def Torrey Pines VB (Varun Bhave) (Boyer, Newkirk, Gingold)

Newark Science AF def Greenhill VA (Varad Agarwala) (Rourick, Berger, Lin)

Harker PR def Oakwood JW (Jack Wareham) (Ziedrich, Legried, Knell)

Peninsula AJ def Brentwood JP (Jared Paul) (Chen, Hsiung, Yanofsky)

Brentwood JL def Miramonte AB (Andrew Bower) (Fink, Wheeler, Timmons)

Greenhill BE def Brentwood JC (Amestoy, Letak, Sulyma)

Newark Science CQ def Dougherty Valley CR (Connor Riano) (Auro, Phung, Thomas)

Peninsula AT def John Marshall DD (David Dosch) (Bryan, Scher, Randall)



Newark Science AF def Brentwood JL (Jackson Lallas) 3-0 (Amestoy, Bietz, Thomas)

Newark Science SS def Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan) 2-1 (Lin, Boyer, Fink*)

Greenhill BE def Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe) 2-1 (Yanofsky*, Alston, Berger)

Newark Science CQ def Harker PR (Pranav Reddy) 2-1 (Timmons, Knell*, Wheeler)



Newark Science CQ over Newark Science AF (Adegoke Fakorede)

Newark Science SS def Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert)



Newark Science CQ (Christian Quiroz) and Newark Science SS (SunHee Simon)

  • R I P B I D S

    Wow richard did that bad thing which is really bad but i can’t tell you guys because it’s really bad but just know that it is really bad and it’s something you guys shouldn’t know becauyse it’s bad!!

  • Confused

    Can someone actually explain what went down with Richard??

    • Josh Roberts

      my guess is that whatever happened isnt going to be discussed on here, and FWIW, its probably something we, as a community, should let be handled internally. im probably in the minority here, but throwing someones name around in issues like this doesnt seem all that fair. lets allow it to be handled, and if there were people who were harmed as a result of his actions, i am sure they can speak privately about that matter. gossip seems fun, but remember there is another person on the end of it.

  • drunkahole

    Brentwood should have every debater dropped for the actions of Richard Shmickler.

    • anonymous


      • noafffiat

        Richard Schmikler was high as balls during the rounds he was judging. From what I heard, his RFDs were incoherent.

    • Jack

      what he did wasn’t cool, but it’s not really the debaters’ fault. just don’t let him come back and make the round bye’s

      • anonymous (again)

        wait what did he do

      • sdgfsaf

        Jack Wareham????????

        • Guest

          No not me

    • anon anon

      What did he do?

    • hidedabomb

      Nobody should be suprised when he does shit like that at this point

      • Whatsgoingon?

        I think I am speaking for everyone that wasn’t at Berkley, can someone please explain what happened with Richard?

        • drunkahole

          Richard stole all of the tournament snax!

        • HungryBoi

          Give the snax back, Richard!