TOC At-Large Applicants

The deadline to apply for an at-large bid to the TOC is quickly approaching. Debaters need to have their applications and payments returned by March 13th.  The University of Kentucky provides the following instructions to applicants:

For all events, 1 TOC bid is required to apply for an at-large bid. Any request for an exception to this policy must be made in writing to the Tournament Director well in advance of the at-large due date. Please be aware that any letters accompanying At-Large applications may be shared with the Advisory Committee of the respective event, since it is the Advisory Committee members who evaluate and rank the at-large applicants.

Please list all tournaments attended by your at-large entry on the entry sheet. Failure to include all tournaments may result in your application being disqualified.

Coaches are encouraged to submit a ONE PAGE additional letter of support with the at-large application to detail any extenuating circumstances that you may want to share with the committee for their evaluation of your application.”


The application documents can be viewed and downloaded here:

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We would also like to create a list of 1 bid debaters applying for an at-large bid.  Please let us know in the comments if you know someone who has applied or is planning on applying before the deadline.

The debaters listed below are eligible for an at large. Confirmed applicants are in bold.

Name School Code # of Bids Tournaments
Adam Calhoun Adam Calhoun AC 1 Winston Churchill
Grace Hoffa Apple Valley GH 1 Harvard Westlake
Prince Hyeamang Apple Valley PH 1 Blake
Sienna Nordquist Barrington SN 1 Caucus
Connor Davis BASIS Scottsdale CD 1 Alta
Jacob Reiter Brentwood JR 1 College Prep
Diganta Rashed Bronx Science DR 1 Blake
Griffin Miller Bronx Science GMi 1 Valley
Paul Erlanger Byram Hills PE 1 Newark
Sarah Crucilla Byram Hills SC 1 Bronx
Zane Miller Centennial ZM 1 Whitman
Karman Singh Cypress Falls KS 1 Strake Jesuit
Ash Israni Del Mar AI 1 Voices
Sujay Singh Del Mar SS 1 *Meadows
Connor Riano Dougherty Valley CR 1 Berkeley
Cati Kalinoski Dowling CK 1 Crestian
Amany Abu-Hijleh Flower Mound AA 1 *UPenn
Audrey Zhang Flower Mound AZ 1 UPenn
Jalaj Sood Flower Mound JS 1 Colleyville
Jeremy Tsai Flower Mound JT 1 Upenn
Karen Qi Harker KQ 1 Voices
Sammi O’Reilly Harrison SO 1 *Harvard
Connor Engel Harvard-Westlake CE 1 Alta
Nicole Kastelic Hawken NK 1 Harvard
Logan Mann Henry W. Grady LM 1 St. James
Will Taft Henry W. Grady WT 1 *St. James
Nina Potischman Hunter College NP 1 Harvard
Louisa Melcher Immaculate Heart LM 1 Alta
Alisa Liu Interlake AL 1 Harvard Westlake
Blake Dawson J. Graham Brown 1 Blake
Dino De La O Law Magnet DD 1 Strake Jesuit
Brian Yang Lincoln BY 1 Whitman
Calen Smith Logan CS 1 Alta
James Naumovski Los Altos JN 1 Harvard Westlake
Nicholas Rogers Loyola NR 1 St. Marks
Lyndie Ho Marcus LH 1 Grapevine
Annie Gersh Marlborough AG 1 Alta
Gabe Ren North Allegheny GR 1 Wake Forest
Nalin Vattigunta Oxbridge NV 1 Dowling
Ishan Gaur Peninsula IG 1 *Berkeley
Jonas LeBarillec Peninsula JL 1 Meadows
Daniel Edelberg Princeton DE 1 Yale
Rahul Raghavan Southside RR 1 Myers Park
Colin Gesik Sprague CG 1 UPS
Alejandro Frydman University AF 1 Crestian
Jacob Ronkin University JR 1 Crestian
Karan Choudhary University KC 1 Crestian
Samantha Koreman University SK 1 *Crestian
Leora Korn Walt Whitman LK 1 Lexington
Trent Gilbert WDM Valley TG 1 Caucus
Saavan Nanavati Westwood SN 1 UT
Jack Ling Winter Springs JL 1 Crestian