Derek Brown Wins North Carolina State Championships


Charlotte, NC — Congratulations to Durham Academy’s Derek Brown for winning the 2015 North Carolina Tarheel Forensics League State Championships! In finals, Derek defeated Northwest Guilford’s Holden Ruch. Congratulations to both debaters! Derek Brown is coached by Crawford Leavoy and Robert Sheard. Holden Ruch is coached by Scott Bennett.



Northwest Guilford HR def Charlotte Latin RW (Raymon Wang)

Enloe WS def Pinecrest CO (Caroline O’Connor)

Myers Park CD def Northwest Guilford NM (Nicole Moore)

Ardrey Kell GD def Myers Park SB (Stephen Buys)

Charlotte Catholic DC def Providence SK (Sanjana Kapur)

Durham Academy DB def Ardrey Kell DK (Divia Kallattil)

Sandhoke Early College BS def Charlotte Catholic AM (Angeline-Marie Moralis)

Enloe SD def Charlotte Catholic IM (Ian MIller)



Durham Academy DB def Myers Park CD (Chloe Dennison)

Northwest Guilford HR def Enloe WS (Will Song)

Enloe SD def Charlotte Catholic DC (Daniel Chavez)

Ardrey Kell GD def Sandhoke Early College BS (Brandon Sweeney)



Durham Academy DB def Enloe SD (Sajeth Dinakaran)

Northwest Guilford HR def Ardrey Kell GD (Gayathri Das)



Durham Academy DB def Northwest Guilford HR (Holden Ruch)



Durham Academy DB (Derek Brown)