Grace Kim Wins Western JV National Championship



San Francisco, CA — Congratulations to Marlborough’s Grace Kim for winning the 2015 Western JV National Championship! In finals, Grace defeated Mission San Jose’s Devesh Kodnani (not pictured) on a 3-0 decision (Knell, Bower, Kadie). Congratulations to both debaters!

In the novice LD division, congratulations to Palo Alto’s Tanay Krishna for taking the championship over Harvard-Westlake’s William Berlin on a 2-1 decision (Miyamoto, Garvin, Torson).

For full results, check out Tabroom:




Lynbrook HW def Harker ML (Matthew Lee) 2-1

Marlborough GK def Harker SL (Serena Lu) 3-0

Marlborough LG def Palo Alto CF (Colin Fee) 3-0

Mission San Jose DK def Harvard-Westlake CJ (Chasia Jeffries) 2-1



Marlborough GK def Lynbrook HW (Harrison Wang) 2-1

Mission San Jose DK def Marlborough LG (Lily Goldsmith) 2-1



Marlborough GK def Mission San Jose DK (Devesh Kodnani) 3-0



Marlborough GK (Grace Kim)