Akhil Gandra Wins the 2015 Kandi King Round Robin

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Houston, TX — Congratulations to Westwood’s Akhil Gandra for winning the 2015 Kandi King Round Robin! In finals, Akhil defeated Greenhill’s Varad Agarwala on a 4-1 decision (Koshak, Lanning*, Sharma, Wei, Student Vote). Congratulations also to Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert and Newark Science’s Christian Quiroz for advancing to semifinals.

Full results can be found on Tabroom: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=3486


Pod A: Top 4 

Westwood AG – 13 ballots

Greenhill BE – 10 ballots

Clements RG – 8 ballots

Newark Science SS – 7 ballots


Pod B: Top 4

Greenhill VA – 13 ballots

Newark Science CQ – 9 ballots (advances on tiebreaker)

University DB – 9 ballots

Kinkaid TG – 9 ballots



Greenhill VA over Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert)

Westwood AG def Newark Science CQ (Christian Quiroz) 2-1 (Dardar, Koshak*, Sharma)



Westwood AG def Greenhill VA (Varad Agarwala) 4-1 (Koshak, Lanning*, Sharma, Wei, Student Vote)



Westwood AG (Akhil Gandra)