Rahul Gosain Wins the 2015 Penn Round Robin



Philadelphia, PA — Congratulations to Scarsdale’s Rahul Gosain for winning the 2015 Penn Round Robin! In finals, Rahul defeated Del Mar’s Varun Bhave on a 2-1 decision (Massey*, Houston, Koh). Congratulations to both debaters!

This year, the Penn Round Robin will be bringing back the “timeout system” for elimination rounds! Instead of prep time, debaters were given 4 “full” timeouts every round, during which a debater may stop the round for 1 minute, and 2 “30 second” timeouts, during which a debater may stop the round for 30 seconds. Timeouts may be called at any point during the debate (even during an opponent’s speech). Debaters are encouraged to use timeouts to halt their opponent’s momentum, to mull over a tough CX question, or to check new 2AR arguments.



Scarsdale RG over Scarsdale MB

Del Mar VB def Byram Hills AJ 2-1 (Massey*, Bhat, Gorthey)



Scarsdale RG def Del Mar VB (Varun Bhave) 2-1 (Massey*, Houston, Koh)



Alex Pod

Del Mar – Varun Bhave

Harrison – Kathryn Kenny

Hunter College – Nina Potsichman

Lexington – Dan Alessandro

Scarsdale – Michael Bogaty


Kanisha Pod

Byram Hills – Amos Jeng

Harrison – Elyssa Alfieri

Lexington – Preetham Chippada

Scarsdale – Rahul Gosain

Walt Whitman – Sophia Caldera