Arjun Tambe Wins the Dukes and Bailey Cup


Las Vegas, NV — Congratulations to Peninsula’s Arjun Tambe for winning the 2015 Dukes and Bailey Cup!  Similar to the Presidents; Trophy in the NHL, the Dukes and Bailey rewards the debater who enjoyed the most regular season success.

According to the NDCA:

The Dukes and Bailey Cup is given annually to the Lincoln Douglas debater attending the NDCA National Tournament who has accumulated the highest qualifying point total in his or her top five tournament placements during the year.  NDCA qualifying points are calculated based on the elim & prelim records of the debaters, weighted according to the size and geographical diversity of the tournament’s field.  Any tournament can count towards qualifying points.

Below are the top 15 standings for the Dukes and Bailey during the 2014-2015 season. This list includes debaters who were not eligible for the award because they did not attend the NDCA National Championships.


Previous winners of the award include:

  • 2009: Jordan Lamothe, The Meadows School (Nevada)
  • 2010: Jordan Lamothe, The Meadows School (Nevada)
  • 2011: Steven Adler, Mercer Island High School (Washington)
  • 2012: Noah Star, Lexington High School (Massachusetts)
  • 2013: Rebecca Kuang, The Greenhill School (Texas)
  • 2014: Ram Prasad, La Jolla High School (California)
  • 2015: Arjun Tambe, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School