Newark Science Closes Out Harrison Round Robin


Harrison, NY — Congratulations to Newark Science’s Amit Kukreja and Christian Quiroz for closing out the 2015 Harrison Round Robin! With ballot counts of 9-1 each, Amit and Christian emerged at the top of their respective pods. Congratulations to Harrison’s Kathryn Kenny for placing third, and Lexington’s Achal Srinivasan for fourth place!

Full results can be found on Tabroom:




Newark Science – Amit Kukreja (9-1) and Christian Quiroz (9-1)


3rd Place

Harrison – Kathryn Kenny (8-2)


4th Place

Lexington – Achal Srinivasan (7-3)


Top Speakers

  1. Amit Kukreja, Newark

  2. Christian Quiroz, Newark

  3. Carolyn Lau, Bronx


Participants (listed alphabetically by school name)

Carolyn Lau, Bronx

John Staunton, Bronx

Amos Jeng, Byram Hills

Paul Erlanger, Byram Hills

Paloma O’Connor, Cambridge Rindge and Latin

Eric Wallach, Collegiate

Raffi Piliero, Harrison

Sarah Ryan, Harrison

Ben Laufer, Hunter

Wesley Hu, Millburn

Daniel Aguirre, Monticello