Pranav Reddy Wins the 2015 Tournament of Champions


Lexington, KY — Congratulations to Harker’s Pranav Reddy for winning the 2015 Tournament of Champions! In finals, Pranav defeated University’s David Branse on a 2-1 decision (Kaczmarek, Legried, Palmer*). Congratulations to both debaters! Pranav is coached by Greg Achten, Ryan Fink, Jerry Chen, and Jordan Lamothe. David is coached by Zach Prax, Grant Reiter, and Tom Evnen.


Stay tuned for live coverage of the 2015 Tournament of Champions, held at the University of Kentucky! There will be 7 preliminary rounds, with 4 rounds on Saturday, and 3 on Sunday. After preliminary rounds, the tournament will break to a runoff before a full octafinals bracket.


Pairings and results can be found on Tabroom:


The bracket can be found here:


Speaker Awards

1 Christian Quiroz (Newark Science CQ) Newark Science
2 Pranav Reddy (Harker PR) Harker
3 Varun Bhave (Torrey Pines HS Speech and Debate VB) Torrey Pines HS Speech and Debate
4 Jackson Lallas (Brentwood JL) Brentwood
5 Akhil Jalan (Peninsula AJ) Peninsula
6 Varad Agarwala (Greenhill VA) Greenhill
7 Rahul Gosain (Scarsdale RG) Scarsdale
8 Adam Tomasi (Sacred Heart AT) Sacred Heart
9 David Branse (University DB) University School (FL)
10 Arjun Tambe (Peninsula AT) Peninsula



Newark Science AF def Byram Hills AJ

Cypress Bay JS def Katy Taylor NY

Scarsdale MB def Oakwood JW

Clements RG def WDM Valley GS

Greenhill GB def Evanston CT



Peninsula AJ def Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert) 2-1

Greenhill VA def Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe) 2-1

Sacred Heart AT def Scarsdale MB (Michael Bogaty) 2-1

Harker PR def Clements RG (Rebecca Gelfer) 2-1

Brentwood JL def Cypress Bay JS (Jake Steirn) 3-0

Greenhill GB def Torrey Pines VB (Varun Bhave) 3-0

University DB def Scarsdale RG (Rahul Gosain) 3-0

Newark Science CQ over Newark Science AF (Adegoke Fakorede)



Harker PR def Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan) 2-1 (Duby, Legried*, Nails)

Greenhill GB def Brentwood JL (Jackson Lallas) 2-1 (Achten*, Fink, Wheeler)

Newark Science CQ def Greenhill VA (Varad Agarwala) 3-2 (Hampton, Koshak*, Manuel, Sanchez*, Vincent)

University DB def Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi) 3-0 (Koh, Shatzkin, Thompson)



Harker PR def Newark Science CQ (Christian Quiroz) 2-1 (Theis, Nails, Zhou*)

University DB def Greenhill GB (Graham Baker) 3-0 (Legried, Fink, Prasad)



Harker PR def University DB (David Branse) 2-1 (Kaczmarek, Legried, Palmer*)



Harker PR (Pranav Reddy)