LD Bid Tournament Logistics 15-16

With the beginning of the competitive season quickly approaching, many teams and debaters are in the process of ironing out their tournament schedule for the season. This page is meant to provide a centralized location for information that is widely dispersed amongst a number of different sources. The page will continuously be updated throughout the season as confirmed exact dates and registration websites become available. For tournament directors (or people who just happen to be in-the-know): please feel free to send me an email (at smitnich91@gmail.com with the subject “Bid Tournament Spreadsheet”) for any updates or changes regarding any of the listed tournaments. (Note: Bold dates are confirmed, italic dates are projected)

  • Kim Hsun

    There’s a small mistake– the Heart of Texas invitational is St Marks (the link for the UT tournament is the St Marks tournament) and the University of Texas tournament is usually early December, not in October
    but thanks so much for this! It’s super helpful!

    • Nick Smith

      Thanks, should be fixed!!

  • Jacob

    The UH tournament information seems to be incorrect. The TOC portion of their tournament is being held January 8-9, according the Joy website.

    • Nick Smith

      Thanks, should be fixed!

  • Joe Bob

    Please make another one of these for next year, it is a lifesaver for independents planning tournaments!

    • We will make sure to do that! If you have any other suggestions for what we can include please let us know!

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