Introducing by Paras Kumar

Hi all,

I want to draw your attention to a new resource that will be available to LD’ers this season:

This website has a compilation of in depth round analysis of previous debate rounds, round redos from past debates, and lectures + drills on a variety of topics including theory, K’s, tricks, util, framework, and strategy. My hope is that you will use the video to do drill sessions with your teammates or on your own. You will find that the videos are (generally) easy to follow and user friendly. This is designed with YOU in mind, and from the perspective of you using these videos to improve at home. New content will be uploaded weekly for at least the next year, with up to 5-10 drills being added per week.

I strongly believe that all debaters can benefit tremendously from this. Whether you are from a “big school” or “small school”, or if you are a beginner or somebody who just cleared at TOC as a junior, I promise you there is content on this website that will help strengthen your understanding of debate strategy and your skill on substantive issues that commonly come up in circuit rounds.

So, please a) like the facebook page and b) regularly check the website for updates on new videos. I will start a newsletter soon where I highlight all the new drills that are being added.


Paras received 5 bids his senior year, including winning Harker, top speaker and finalist at Stanford, quarterfinalist at Bronx, semi-finalist at Voices RR, and octofinalist at the 2011 TOC. Paras was the only student in octos of TOC his senior year who competed independently and without a formal coach. Since graduating from Rancho Bernardo, Paras has drilled extensively at varying points over the last few years with Regan Grishaber (5th speaker + semifinalist 2012 TOC), Jacob Pritt (top speaker + octofinalist 2012 TOC), Pranav Reddy (top speaker + champion 2014 Glenbrooks), Chris Kymn (finalist 2014 TOC), and many other successful debaters. Paras is getting a B.S. in Environmental Science at UC Berkeley. He has attended VBI as both a student and an instructor. You can reach him by email at pkumar15 AT berkeley DOT edu.