Thank you, VBI 2015 students and faculty!

I didn’t really know what to expect when I came to VBI. But I don’t think that I ever expected it to be so sad to leave. I found friends and mentors and debate skills and family. I became much more confident in myself as a debater and a person. It reminded me how much I love debate and the people in it, and I know that I’ll always carry what I’ve learned with me, debate-related and otherwise.

—VBI Los Angeles student



This year we welcomed 500 students and over 100 instructors to the VBI family. It was a year of firsts for us: our ratio was better than 4-to-1 at all sessions (with an average of 3.5-to-1); we had our first Public Forum labs; and every student got to work closely with a faculty mentor. Thanks to all of you for making the past eight weeks the best VBI ever. We will never forget it.

What are your favorite memories from camp?

—Chris and Jake