Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele Wins TOC

Congratulations to Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele and Clements High School’s Felix Tan for advancing to the final round of the Tournament of Champions! Nick won on a 2-1 decision (Castillo, M. Overing, *Kymn) after walking over teammate Cameron Cohen in semifinals. This is Harvard-Westlake head coach Mike Bietz’s second TOC championship, after Edina’s John McNeil in 2004. Felix is coached by Renita Johnson, Akhil Jalan, Marshall Thompson, and Chris Theis.

Final placements of elimination round participants are below. Full results available on Tabroom.

1st Harvard-Westlake NS Nick Steele
2nd Clements FT Felix Tan
Semi Harvard-Westlake CC Cameron Cohen
Semi Greenhill VA Varad Agarwala
Qtr Oakwood JW Jack Wareham
Qtr Mission San Jose SS Shivane Sabharwal
Qtr Mission San Jose LS Lavanya Singh
Qtr Millard North GB Grant Brown
Octo Lake Highland Prep NK Neal Kapoor
Octo Lake Highland Prep MC Michael Corder
Octo Harrison RP Raffi Piliero
Octo Lexington AS Achal Srinivasan
Octo Newark Science AK Amit Kukreja
Octo Greenhill BE Bennett Eckert
Octo Byram Hills PE Paul Erlanger
Octo Strake Jesuit CP SM Sean McCormick
Run off Lake Highland Prep SP Sreya Pinnamaneni
Run off Crossroads NS Noah Simon
Run off American Heritage Plantation DM David Min
Run off West Des Moines Valley DR Danielle Reyes
Run off NSU University JR Jacob Ronkin
Run off Cambridge Rindge and Latin OS Oliver Sussman