Hockaday Women’s RR Update

Hockaday coach Jordan Innerarity writes in that the Hockaday Women’s RR will now be Nov 10th and 11th. The full tournament starts on the 11th and runs through the 12th. Here is a link to the RR and tournament registration: http://www.joyoftournaments.com/tx/hockaday/info.asp?p=7

We would like to invite all interested women to attend the Hockaday Women’s Round Robin November 10th and 11th. The round robin is open to all women who are eligible to debate on the high school level. We will keep invitations open until the robin round is full for a total of 24 entries.

Each applicant should have her coach enter her through Joy of Tournaments. All applicants are waitlisted automatically. Entries will be moved off the waitlist as we receive email confirmation and associated information.

There is no entry fee for attending the round robin and each participant is guaranteed entry into the Hockaday Invitational. We would be appreciative if each entry has a judge to help us ensure a large and diverse pool.


November 10th

7:30- Light Breakfast

8:00- Round 1

10:00- Round 2

12:00- Lunch

1:00- Round 3

3:00- Round 4

5:00- Dinner

6:00- Women’s Roundtable

November 11th

7:30- Light Breakfast

8:00- Round 5

10:00- Semifinals

11:00- Finals

12:00- Awards Lunch