Raffi Piliero Wins Greenhill

Congratulations to Harrison’s Raffi Piliero and Peninsula’s Jonas Le Barillec for reaching the final round of the 2016 Greenhill Fall Classic! In finals, Raffi defeated Jonas on a 3-0 decision (Alston, Berdugo, Taylor). Congratulations to both debaters!

Congratulations to Harvard-Westlake’s Connor Engel for receiving the top speaker award at the 2016 Greenhill Fall Classic and the following debaters for receiving speakers awards at the 2016 Greenhill Fall Classic! Connor Engel was also the top speaker at the Greenhill Round Robin!

  1. Harvard-Westlake Connor Engel
  2. Harrison Raffi Piliero
  3. Westwood Saavan Nanavati
  4. Earl Warren Nelson Okunlola
  5. Cedar Park Morgan Grosch
  6. Newark Science Brianna Aaron
  7. Apple Valley John Boals
  8. Strake Jesuit Richard Cook
  9. Montgomery Whitley Perryman
  10. Peninsula Jonas Le Barillec
  11. West Ranch Jong Hak Won
  12. Lake Highland Prep Muhammad Khattak
  13. La Canada Alex Zhao
  14. Dulles Ashish Wadhwani
  15. Harvard-Westlake Indu Pandey


Congratulations to the following debaters for receiving bids to the Tournament of Champions at the 2016 Greenhill Fall Classic!

Collegiate Kyle Yuan
Phoenix Country Day Parker Whitfill
Cypress Woods Lucas Clarke
Harvard-Westlake Connor Engel
Lake Highland Prep Muhammad Khattak
Peninsula Jonas Le Barillec
Harvard-Westlake Even Engel
Newark Science Brianna Aaron
Dulles Ashish Wadhwani
West Ranch Jong Hak Won
Strake Jesuit CP Richard Cook
Westwood Saavan Nanavati
Harvard-Westlake Indu Pandey
Earl Warren Nelson Okunlola
La Canada Alex Zhao
Harrison Raffi Piliero
Harrison Matt Zinman
Pairings and results are available here.

Thanks to LADI for the photo.