2016 Florida Blue Key Registration and Round Robin Application

Gainesville, FL – We’re happy to announce that the 2016 Florida Blue Key Speech & Debate Tournament is now open for registration! One of the fastest improving LD tournaments in the nation (and a current PF Octa-finals bid), the Blue Key Tournament is a Semi-finals bid in LD and is flying in 10 all star judges to continue its progression towards being a top tier LD tournament. Some of the featured judges include Fred Ditzian, Alex Yoakum, Karan Choudhary, and Jack Ave!

With rapidly improving judging talent, a growing bid level, and killer hospitality, we’d love for your school to be the next to become regulars at our tournament! Even moreso, we want you to be some of the awesome talent to make our Round Robin to be the best in the nation, so apply as quickly as you can. The application for the Round Robin closes October 1st, so throw your name in the ring quick!

Visit bluekeydebate.org or email me at lincolndouglas@fbk.org for more information!


Nick Anderson

Director of LD