Srivatsav Pyda Wins Voices

Congratulations to Harker’s Srivatsav Pyda and PCDS’s Parker Whitfill for reaching the finals of the 2016 Voices Invitational in Lincoln-Douglas Debate! In finals, Srivatsav defeated Parker on a 2-1 decision (Wheeler, Bistagne, Walton*). Additionally, Srivatsav was top speaker! Congratulations to both debaters!

Top Speakers:

  1. Harker Srivatsav Pyda
  2. Peninsula Jonas Le Barillec
  3. La Canada Alex Zhao
  4. PCDS Parker Whitfill
  5. Mountain View Derek Zhang
  6. Brentwood Jackson Deconcini
  7. Lynbrook Nisarg Shah
  8. Lynbrook Varun Venkatesh
  9. Lynbrook Harrison Wang
  10. Mission San Jose Lavanya Singh

Full results can be found here.