Richard Cook Wins St Marks

Congratulations to Strake Jesuit’s Richard Cook for winning the 2016 Heart of Texas Invitational! In finals, Richard beat Harvard-Westlake’s Evan Engel on a 2-1 decision (Horowitz, Agarwala, Wheeler*). Congratulations to Strake Jesuit’s Richard Cook for also being the top speaker!

Congratulations to all those that received bids at the 2016 Heart of Texas Invitational in Lincoln-Douglas Debate!

Apple Valley John Boals
Cedar Park Morgan Grosch
Greenhill Shruthi Krishnan
Harker Emmiee Malyugina
Harvard-Westlake Connor Engel
Harvard-Westlake Evan Engel
Harvard-Westlake Vishan Chaudhary
Law Magnet Michael Gao
Montgomery Whitley Perryman
Peninsula Ishan Gaur
Peninsula Jonas Le Barillec
Strake Jesuit CP Richard Cook
Westwood Rohith Mandavalli
Winston Churchill Benjamin Wolf

Congratulations to the following debaters for receiving speaker awards!

  1. Strake Jesuit CP Richard Cook
  2. Westwood Saavan Nanavati
  3. Peninsula Jonas Le Barillec
  4. Lake Travis Katya Ehresman
  5. Harvard-Westlake Evan Engel
  6. Greenhill Shruthi Krishnan
  7. Cedar Park Morgan Grosch
  8. Harvard-Westlake Connor Engel
  9. Harker Emmiee Malyugina
  10. Lynbrook Nisarg Shah
  11. Mountain View Derek Zhang
  12. Lynbrook Varun Venkatesh
  13. Montgomery Whitley Perryman
  14. Immaculate Heart Danielle Dosch
  15. Evanston Township Danny Frank-Siegel

Full pairings and results can be found here.

  • db8rs

    you forgot harrison wang and varun venkatesh from lynbrook on the bid list!

  • Nirmal B

    Lynbrook’s Varun Venkatesh and Harrison Wang are missing from this list

    • Hi, I will add that information shortly. Thank you for letting us know.