Sekou Cisse and Camille Caldera Co-Champion Beltway

Congratulations to Success Academy’s Sekou Cisse and Walt Whitman’s Camille Caldera Xavier Roberts-Gaal for co-championing the 2016 Capitol Beltway Invitational!

Full pairings and results can be found here.

Edit 10/27: Although Tabroom lists Walt Whitman as the winner, the final round has not yet been debated; it will occur at a later date.

  • Mystical Zombie Flavored Ring

    Has Victory Briefs spoken to both Walt Whitman and Success Academy to verify that the round will happen at a later date?

  • Llama

    This information is incorrect. Tabroom results, which your site links to, show Walt Whitman CC as the winner of the tournament, not a co-champion.

    • Latinx

      They did not debate the finals though

      • Cat

        Tabroom records Caldera as winner – seems like Cisse forfeited?