James Madison Wins Apple Valley

Congratulations to James Madison Memorial’s Jack Votava and Peter Yang for winning the 2016 Apple Valley Minneapple. In finals, they defeated St. Paul’s Shefali Bijwadia and Raffi Toghramadjian on a unanimous decision (Fraifeld, Rao, Pape)

The following teams also received bids to the 2017 Tournament of Champions.
Blake LM
Columbus PP
East Ridge BZ
Fairmont Prep KS
Hawken HS
Hawken EL
James Madison VY
Mission San Jose CK
St. Paul BT
Eagan PS
Eastview MD
Lake Highland Prep FN
Lake Highland Prep OK
Trinity Prep PT
Walt Whitman MM
Eastview DA (ghost)

Eva Motolinia from Blake is this year’s Top Speaker. Congratulations to all!

Full results can be found here.