Nueva Wins Arizona State University

Congratulations to The Nueva School’s Jake Mengarelli and Matthew Salah for winning the 2017 Arizona State University Tournament. In finals, they defeated Green Valley’s Conrad Palor and Alex Balasky on a close 2-1 decision (Starkston, Salamatin, Nguyen*).

The following teams also received bids to the 2017 Tournament of Champions:
Albuquerque LM
Albuquerque NV
Brophy RG
Chaparral SN
Davis BZ
Fairmont Prep KS
Green Valley PB
Hawken DK
La Salle NC
Leland LT
Nueva CP
Nueva SM
Nueva TC
Nueva SS
Riverside STEM DA
Saratoga AR

Peter Zhu from Davis is this year’s Top Speaker.

Final results can be found here. Congratulations to all!