Oakwood Wins Stanford

Congratulations to Ella Fanger and Nate Odenkirk from Oakwood School for winning the 2017 Stanford Invitational. In finals, Oakwood defeated Hawken School’s Ammar Lone and Ozan Ergungor on a unanimous decision (Le, Le, Garrett, Giordano, Manuel).

The following teams also received bids to the 2017 Tournament of Champions:
Dougherty Valley RM
Greenhills BK
Hawken EL
Hawken DK
Los Altos CK
Mission San Jose KW
Mission San Jose GM
Nueva AT
Nueva TR
Oakwood HR
Oakwood FO
Park Hill YZ
Presentation KM
Quarry Lane AS
Quarry Lane VS
University FC

VBI Staffer Max Wu from Mission San Jose is this year’s Top Speaker. Congratulations to all!

Full results can be found here.