Lincoln Douglas Debate Bid Tournaments 2017-18

Automatic Qualifier

Octafinals at the previous season’s TOC

Octofinals Qualifiers

Apple Valley (MN)
Berkeley (CA)
Bronx Science (NY)
Emory (GA)
Glenbrooks (IL)
Greenhill (TX)
Harvard (MA)
Harvard-Westlake (CA)
St. Mark’s (TX)
Valley (IA)

Quarterfinals Qualifiers

Alta (UT)
Blake (MN)
College Prep (CA)
Florida Blue Key (FL)
Grapevine (TX)
Lexington (MA)
Loyola (CA)
Meadows (NV)
Presentation (CA)
Stanford (CA)
Yale (CT)

Semifinals Qualifiers

Beltway/Capitol Classic (MD)
Golden Desert (NV)
Holy Cross (LA)
Isidore Newman (LA)
Newark (NJ)
Notre Dame (CA)
Princeton (NJ)
Scarsdale (NY)
Strake Jesuit (TX)
Sunvitational (FL)
University of Houston (TX)
University of Puget Sound (WA)
University of Southern California (CA)
University of Texas (TX)

Finals Qualifiers

Arizona State University (AZ)
Central Valley (WA)
Colleyville Heritage (TX)
Columbia (NY)
Crestian Tradition (FL)
CSU Long Beach (CA)
Dowling Catholic (IA)
Durham Academy (NC)
Heritage Hall (OK)
Lewis and Clark (OR)
Middleton (WI)
Millard North (NE)
Myers Park (NC)
Peninsula (CA)
Ridge (NJ)
Saint James (AL)
University of Kentucky (KY)
University of Pennsylvania (PA)
Winston Churchill (TX)

  • justin mccleskey

    the area around alabama needs like 1 more. i mean the quality of competition here is GARBAGE (including myself) but people like me who’s coach wont let them travel only have saint james and maybe emory to look forward to.

  • Crawford Leavoy

    The list had one addition that UofK has fixed on their website:

    Durham Academy (NC) is now a Finals bid in LD

    • Thanks for the update, the post has been updated accordingly.

  • Eftwrywetury

    This gouging of Florida bigs has got to stop, as more bids are consistently given to Cali this is the 2nd year in the row they have cut the number of bids at florida tournements

    For those who don’t know what I am saying Sunvite was just made a semis bid

    • TimAlderete

      Florida didn’t lose bids. Sunvitational and Blue Key switched places, because Blue Key had more entries and higher quality competition.