LD Committee Releases Initial Topics for 2017-2018, Seeks Input

Birmingham, AL — The LD wording committee has released the final 20 topics being considered for the 2017-2018 list. The final list will be narrowed to 10. The committee is seeking input from students and coaches on a.) which of these 20 topics should make the final list and b.) and wording issues that can/should be correct.

  1. (In the United States,) non-human animals ought to have legally protected rights.
  2. Individuals have an obligation to value the common good over their own interests.
  3. Capital punishment is immoral
  4. In the United States, physician-assisted suicide ought to be legal for terminally ill patients.
  5. The United States ought to legalize the possession for personal use of illicit drugs.
  6. The United States ought to provide a universal basic income.
  7. The United States ought to adopt a Value Added Tax.
  8. In the United States, workers ought to have a civil right to unionize.
  9. In the United States, race ought not be a factor considered in the admission of students to public colleges and universities.
  10. In the United States, all citizens ought to be guaranteed free tuition to public colleges and universities.
  11. Wealthy nations have an obligation to provide official development assistance (to other nations).
  12. In a democracy, first past the post voting systems are unjust.
  13. A democracy ought to allow for ballot initiatives.
  14. In the United States, membership in a labor organization as a condition of employment ought to be illegal.
  15. In the United States, reporters ought to have the right to protect the identity of confidential sources.
  16. The United States ought to reinstate/adopt the Fairness Doctrine.
  17. Targeted killing by the United States is unjust.
  18. A democracy ought to require a strict separation of church and state.
  19. The non-therapeutic use of human enhancement technologies is immoral.
  20. United States trade policy ought to protect domestic industries from foreign competition.
  21. In the United States Criminal Justice System, plea bargaining ought to be prohibited.
  22. The United States ought to limit prosecutorial discretion.
  23. Individuals ought to value the cultural identity of others over their own freedom of expression.