Shruthi Krishnan Wins Grapevine

Congratulations to Greenhill’s Shruthi Krishnan for winning the 2017 Grapevine Classic. In finals, Shruthi defeated Westwood’s Rohith Mandavalli on a 2-1 decision (Zhou, Berdugo, Telfer*). Congratulations to Greenhill’s Brian Zhou for being top speaker.

Congratulations to all those that bid at Grapevine:

Cypress Woods Chakra Jonnalagadda
Cypress Woods Yohan Wang
Greenhill Anna Myers (Ghost Bid)
Greenhill Shruthi Krishnan
Klein Oak Alan George
Texas Academy Maya Xia
Westwood Jugal Amodwala
Westwood Rishabh Shah (Ghost Bid)
Westwood Rohith Mandavalli
Winston Churchill William Coltzer

Full results and pairings can be found here.