Announcing the Community Equity Scholarship

Yesterday, we culminated our Community Resolution Series. While it is only a first step, we recognize the importance of solution-oriented conversations about inequity in debate and hope that the series can be a spark for different programs, camps, students, and educators. Because we, too, want to express our commitment to the cause of creating the community we truly desire, the Victory Briefs Institute has created the Community Equity Scholarship for our upcoming camp sessions of 2018.

The Community Equity Scholarship is a recognition of students who have been dedicated and continue to dedicate their time and effort to promoting inclusion and diversity on their debate teams, their local circuits, and/or the national circuit. We believe it’s important to recognize the work done outside of debate rounds that is often behind the scenes.

An independent panel will be choosing four recipients for this scholarship: two in Lincoln Douglas and two in Public Forum. Recipients will receive $1000 of financial aid that they can apply to any of our camp sessions. This award money can be combined with other needs-based financial aid because it is a separate amount of money being offered.

The application will open February 15, 2018 and will close on April 1, 2018. Recipients of the award will be announced mid to late April.

Keep your eyes out for the application and details for applying. We hope that you all are as excited for this as we are.

Thank you,

Victory Briefs