PF Round Robin Updates

This weekend, Harvard University and UC Berkeley hosted Round Robin competitions ahead of their larger, national tournaments.

At the Harvard Round Robin, after six rounds of preliminary competition, Anshul Joshi & Gaurav Asthana of Acton-Boxborough and Abraham Rohrig & Daniel Ju of Stuyvesant emerged to debate the final round. In finals, Stuyvesant defeated Acton-Boxborough on a very close 4-3 decision (Hunt, Jilani, Moriarty, Spector, McCord*, Dhar*, Caldera*).

At the California Round Robin, after seven rounds of preliminary competition, Anoosh Kumar & Jasper Ou of Lake Highland Prep and Ishan Maunder & Devesh Kodnani of Mission San Jose advanced to debate the final exhibition round at College Prep School later today.

The following teams debated at the Harvard Round Robin:
Acton-Boxborough AJ
Ardrey Kell BH
Charles Flanagan SM
Horace Mann RF
Horace Mann TM
Hunter BF
Hunter KK
Newton South GS
Plano West Senior YL
Princeton SB
Strath Haven LS
Stuyvesant RJ
Theodore Roosevelt GK
Walt Whitman MM

The following teams debated at the California Round Robin:
Cypress Bay SB
Denver East MC
Dougherty Valley KJ
Fairmont Prep CO
La Salle CN
Lake Highland Prep KO
Lake Mary Prep HM
Los Altos CK
Milpitas MP
Mission San Jose MK
Nueva PS
Pinghe ZF
Presentation MV
Quarry Lane SA

Congratulations to all! Good luck debating this weekend.