Insights in Instruction: Teaching Top and Novice Lab with Marshall Thompson

Last week, Victory Briefs released as part of its Curriculum Corner series a video interview with VBI staff Devane Murphy where he told us about his teaching methods, practices, and philosophy. Today, we’re continuing the series with a video interview with the VBI Director of Lincoln-Douglas Debate Marshall Thompson. Marshall is a former Walt Whitman debater, current philosophy graduate student, and all around debate nerd. He led top and novice lab at VBI last year and he’ll be reprising his role as a top lab instructor again this year. Learn more about Marshall and his unique insights in teaching debate. Topics covered include: Marshall’s (lack of) hobbies outside of debate, his work as a philosophy graduate student, his perspective into how debate instruction could be improved, discussing how to approach coaching different styles of debate, and his unbridled love for teaching novices.

Watch the interview here!