Announcing the Victory Briefs Book Club!

Victory Briefs is excited to announce the Victory Briefs Book Club! Every 2nd week of the month, we will post a link to one book, one article, and one podcast episode that we think debaters should read or listen to on Briefly, Facebook, and the r/Debate subreddit. The content will be hand-selected by Victory Briefs staff with reasons for our recommendations. Discussions about the content will occur on the r/Debate subreddit posts that we create and some of the Victory Briefs staff will join into the conversation about the works. The first list of works will be released in two weeks!

What is the point of this?

Debaters can always read more and they can always read more together. We think that our recommendations will greatly benefit debaters and that conversations with your friends or teammates will enhance your understanding of these works. We hope that our recommendations will all be helpful and informative and that we might even help you find an author or podcast that you really like!

Is this for LD or PF?

It’s for both! We’ll try to pick works that are relevant to all debaters. Even the philosophy works that we recommend will be things that we think every person, not just philosophy majors and LDers, should be aware of.

Are these all debate applicable?

One of our motivations for creating the book club is not just to make debaters more informed debaters, but to make them more informed people. To that end, many of the works will simply be things that we think all debaters should be aware of, such as issues in society, general knowledge, and how to better yourself as a person. And some of these will just be silly works that we think are entertaining for debaters to read. Of course, many of the works will be debate applicable and we wouldn’t be surprised if you carded a few of these works.

How do I contribute to the discussion?

You can, of course, read these on your own. However, we think a lot of the value of a book club is that you can discuss this with other people. You can find a friend or a teammate and discuss the works with them. You can suggest to your debate captain or coach that you follow along with the Victory Briefs Book Club and have your entire team read along. And you can also comment on our r/Debate posts along with others to pose questions and discuss the works that we’ve selected.

How do I recommend a work for the club?

If you have an excellent book, article, or podcast episode that you’d like us to consider recommending to others, email with your suggestion and a short paragraph as to why we should publish your selection. You might just be featured in a future Book Club recommendation!