College Prep School Wins Minneapple

Congratulations to Sarab Bhasin & Sarah Wornow of College Prep School for winning the final round of the 2018 Minneapple hosted by Apple Valley High School. In finals, CPS defeated Hawken School’s Zayne El-Kaissi & Grant Griffin in a 3-0 decision (Sagstuen, Pape, Michaelson). Congratulations also to Pia Dovichi & Ben Park from CPS for being walked over in semifinals.

The following teams received bids to the 2019 Tournament of Champions:
Blake SW
Blake JG
College Prep BW
College Prep DP
Dougherty Valley JK
Edina NT
Edina ZM
Fairmont Prep GB
Hawken EG
Millard North SN
Mission San Jose KM
Montgomery Blaire JQ
Quarry Lane VS
Theodore Roosevelt AC
Walt Whitman BO
Walt Whitman KK

JJ Yu of Dalton School is this year’s Top Speaker.

Full results can be found here. Congratulations to all!