Submit LD topic suggestions!

The NSDA is taking LD topic suggestions until June 1. You can submit your suggested topics here.

I plan on submitting some or all of the following topics. The wordings are pretty rough. If you have any suggestions for improving them (or just think some of them definitely should or should not be submitted), please let me know in the comments section below. Please remember to submit your own topic ideas, too!

  1. Mandatory retirement policies are unjust. (Or: The European Union ought to prohibit mandatory retirement policies in all member states. Or: The United States ought to allow private employers to adopt mandatory retirement policies.)
  2. The United States ought to impose a federal wealth tax.
  3. It is permissible to intentionally harm noncombatants in a just war. (Or: Noncombatants are vicariously liable to be harmed to avert the threats of unjust aggressors.)
  4. In the United States, private employers should be required to adopt affirmative action policies.
  5. The United States ought to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.
  6. The United States ought to prohibit factory farming. (Or: It is morally permissible to eat humanely farmed meat. Or: It is morally wrong to eat factory-farmed meat. Or: The United States ought to impose a tax on animal products.)
  7. In the United States, corporations should (not?) be protected by the free-exercise of religion or free-speech clause of the First Amendment.
  8. The legal inheritance of private property is unjust. (Or: The United States ought to impose a near-total inheritance tax on bequests other than those in the public interest. Or: The United States ought to eliminate limits on estate and gift tax.)
  9. The United States ought to institute quadratic voting, proportional representation, range voting, or elections by lottery.
  10. The United States ought to require large technology firms to compensate individuals for user-generated data.
  11. The United States ought to permit voluntary active euthanasia.