2021 TOC At Large Acceptances Announced

Congratulations to the following students for receiving at-large bids to the 2021 TOC in LD!

  • Ayala Adam Mimou
  • Bronx Science Dahlia Bekong
  • Cardinal Gibbons Roberto Sosa
  • Claudia Taylor Johnson Abhived Pulapaka
  • Dougherty Valley Arjun Garg
  • Immaculate Heart Beatrice Culligan
  • Immaculate Heart Felicity Park
  • L C Anderson Aseel Rawashdeh
  • Lexington Jeong-Wan Choi
  • Pembroke Pines Charter Jayvyn Dacas
  • Plano West Dylan Jones
  • Sequoia Alyssa Sawyer
  • Success Academy Silma Bathily

The next five debaters on the waitlist are:

  1. Greenwich CE Chase Earland
  2. Lake Highland Prep Abby Morris
  3. Saratoga AG Arnav Garg
  4. American Heritage Broward Prateek Gupta
  5. Lake Highland Prep Arjun Verma