September/October Resolutions Announced

The LD resolution is Resolved: Countries ought to prohibit the production of nuclear power. Click here to subscribe to the 2016–2017 LD Victory Briefs.  The PF resolution is Resolved: In United States public K-12 schools, the probable cause standard ought to apply to searches of students. Click here to subscribe to the 2016–2017 PF Victory Briefs.


VBI LA Session II Topic Update

We are pleased to announce that students will be debating the September/October topics in both Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum debate for the duration of VBI LA Session II (as opposed to just the second week of camp). This change has been made possible by the National Speech & Debate Association, which is releasing the September/October topic early this […]


Winning Season for VBI Family

This past weekend, an unprecedented contingent of fifty VBI alumni competed in the Lincoln-Douglas division at the National Tournament of Champions. We would like to congratulate each of them personally (and apologize, in advance, for any errors in or omissions from this list): Achal Srinivasan, Adam Brown, Amun Khan, Alex Zhao, Annie Gersh, Ariel Azbel, Ashish Wadhwani, […]


Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele Wins TOC

Congratulations to Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele and Clements High School’s Felix Tan for advancing to the final round of the Tournament of Champions! Nick won on a 2-1 decision (Castillo, M. Overing, *Kymn) after walking over teammate Cameron Cohen in semifinals. This is Harvard-Westlake head coach Mike Bietz’s second TOC championship, after Edina’s John McNeil in 2004. Felix is […]


Good luck to VBI alumni and instructors competing at CEDA & NDT!

Much of the innovation in contemporary LD is driven by intercollegiate debaters and coaches. This weekend is the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) National Championship, followed by the National Debate Tournament (NDT)—the two largest intercollegiate debate championships in the U.S. We wish the best of luck to the VBI alumni and instructors who will be competing at […]

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February PF Practice Cases

Resolved: The United States federal government should adopt a carbon tax. Every month, we plan to distribute practice-round-ready cases on the first school day that the PF topic is out. We hope that the cases provide students with a jump-start on getting familiar with the topic, and that they serve as models to help better understand how […]


VBI 2016 Registration Now Open

Visit to sign up and to learn more about our sessions: VBI Chicago (Loyola University) – June 19th to July 2nd, Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas debate VBI Philadelphia (Swarthmore College) – July 3rd to 16th, Lincoln-Douglas debate VBI Los Angeles Session I (Occidental College) – July 17th to August 6th (new three-week curriculum), Lincoln-Douglas debate VBI […]