Bennett Eckert Wins NDCA Nationals and the Dukes and Bailey Cup

Orlando, FL — Congratulations to Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert for winning the 2016 NDCA National Tournament! In the Final round Bennett defeated Harvard-Westlake’s Cameron Cohen on a 3-0 decision (Alston, Mahoney, Simon). Bennett is coached by Aaron Timmons, Eric Forslund, Bekah Boyer, and Chris Randall. Cameron is coached by Mike Bietz, Danny Debois, Travis Fife, Shania Hunt, Daniel […]


Accepted TOC At-Large Bids Announced

Lexington, KY — The University of Kentucky has announced the first wave of accepted at-large bids for Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum. Congratulations to the recipients! Lincoln Douglas at Larges Accepted—TOC 2016 Apple Valley                      Prince Hyeamang Brentwood                          Jacob Reiter Byram Hills                        Alex Wurm Hawken                               Nicole Kastelic Interlake                             Alisa Liu Lake Highland Prep          Muhammad Khattak […]

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Harvard Seeks Judges

If you are interested in judging at the Harvard tournament this year (February 13th-15th), please send an email to: with the following information: Subject line: JUDGE FOR (event that you are interested in judging: CX, LD, PF, Congress) Name Email Cell Phone Number (and carrier, in case we need to text you) Event (CX, LD, PF).  Please include […]


VBI 2015 Topics Announced

The topics that will be used at VBI 2015 have been finalized for all locations. Swarthmore (June 28-July 11): Resolved: Immigration ought to be recognized as a human right. Los Angeles (July 12-August 1): Resolved: The United States ought to promote democracy in the Middle East. Chicago: (August 2-15)*: Resolved: The United States ought to adopt carbon […]


Pranav Reddy Wins 2015 NDCA National Championship

  Las Vegas, NV — Congratulations to Harker’s Pranav Reddy for winning the 2015 NDCA National Championship! As the defending champion, Pranav defeated Greenhill’s Varad Agarwala in finals on a 2-1 decision (Alderete, Bietz, Theis*) to take the championship. Congratulations to both debaters! Pranav is coached by Greg Achten, Ryan Fink, Jordan Lamothe, and Jerry Chen. […]

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Tinuola Dada Wins Federal Way

Federal Way, WA — Congratulations to Eastside Catholic’s Tinuola Dada and Bainbridge Island’s James Maltman for reaching the finals of the 2015 Federal Way Tournament. Tinuola defeated James in the final round. Congratulations to both debaters! Octofinals Bainbridge CW advances without debating Bainbridge JM advances without debating ECHS TD advances without debating Bainbridge NM def Central Valley […]

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