LD Topic Committee Updates (6/21 12:50)

Here is the most recent version of the topic list for next year.   1) In the United States, non-human animals ought to have legally protected rights. 2) Individuals are obligated to value the common good over their own interests. 3) Capital punishment is immoral. 4) In the United States, physician-assisted suicide of terminally ill patients ought to be […]


Curricular Components 5: Supplementary Student-Staff Interaction

Most camps’ curriculum focuses on mandatory periods student-staff interaction, ranging from group instruction (e.g. lab, modules), to one-on-one drill sessions (e.g. mentorship). These curricular elements are both required and, in general, staff driven. Most camps, then, supplement these required elements with optional student driven instruction. Some camps run office hours, others have evening work time […]

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Academic Articles 3: Laptop Use

Laptops are incredibly useful in debate. From the organizational and card cutting resources of verbatim, to the research opportunities enabled by easy internet access, to the ability to share content with one another by email, to small time-savers like text expanding, laptops save time, increase the quantity and quality of a debater’s output, and are […]

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