Find Your Squad with Victory Briefs

Each year, many students, parents, and teachers ask us about possible coaches for the upcoming debate season, and we are always happy to recommend our staff for coaching relationships. Private coaching arrangements, however, are often hard to organize and sustain throughout the year. They also rarely provide everything one looks for in a structured debate […]


LD Tournament Logistics Page 2016-2017

Thanks to Lawrence Zhou for putting together the 2016-2017 LD Tournament Logistics Page! With the beginning of the competitive season just beginning, many teams and debaters are in the process of ironing out their tournament schedule for the season. This page is meant to provide a centralized location for information that is widely dispersed amongst a […]


Katherine Fennel Wins The 2016 Byram Hills Round Robin

Congratulations to Stuyvesant’s Katherine Fennel and Harrison’s Matt Zinman for making it to finals of the 2016 Byram Hills Round Robin. In finals, Katherine defeated Matt on a 2-1 decision (Crucilla, Rashed, *Student Vote). Katherine’s coaches are Paul Zhou, Paras Kumar, Ananth Panchanadam, and Julie Sheinman. Matt’s coaches are Chetan Hertzig, Christian Quiroz, and Bennett […]