(Updated) LD Wording Committee Releases First Round of Topic Drafts, Seeks Input

Fort Lauderdale, FL — The LD wording committee has released an initial list of draft topic areas and is seeking constructive public input.  This is list consists of initial drafts of topics advanced through Monday Afternoon. These topics are extremely preliminary and largely based on the wordings submitted to the committee by NSDA members. These topics should be seen as starting points […]

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New Evidence on Gender Disparities in Competitive High School Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Author’s note: This post is based is based on a longer research paper that can be accessed here. Ariel Shin approached the same problem in this recent post. This analysis uses a different methodology and examines some other issues to continue to shed light on performance disparities in competitive debate. Thank you to Chris Palmer for providing Tabroom.com data and […]

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Accepted TOC At-Large Bids Announced

Lexington, KY — The University of Kentucky has announced the first wave of accepted at-large bids for Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum. Congratulations to the recipients! Lincoln Douglas at Larges Accepted—TOC 2016 Apple Valley                      Prince Hyeamang Brentwood                          Jacob Reiter Byram Hills                        Alex Wurm Hawken                               Nicole Kastelic Interlake                             Alisa Liu Lake Highland Prep          Muhammad Khattak […]

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