New Evidence on Gender Disparities in Competitive High School Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Author’s note: This post is based is based on a longer research paper that can be accessed here. Ariel Shin approached the same problem in this recent post. This analysis uses a different methodology and examines some other issues to continue to shed light on performance disparities in competitive debate. Thank you to Chris Palmer for providing data and […]

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February PF Practice Cases

Resolved: The United States federal government should adopt a carbon tax. Every month, we plan to distribute practice-round-ready cases on the first school day that the PF topic is out. We hope that the cases provide students with a jump-start on getting familiar with the topic, and that they serve as models to help better understand how […]


PF Topic Analysis by Ben Brazelton

Ben Brazelton is a Victory Briefs Writing Fellow from Madison West High School.  Opening Words When I saw this topic, I thought that the NSDA should be given a 140 character limit on their resolutions. This is, at face value, a long, complex, and very framework-driven resolution. This is unfortunate, because November has some of the largest […]

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