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Lincoln Douglas Topics List for 2019-2020

In late July/early August, active coaches and member students may vote online for a new slate of LD topics chosen by the LD Wording Committee at its summer meeting. The 2019 September/October LD topic will be announced August 8. Resolved: Predictive policing is unjust. Resolved: The United States ought to grant legal personhood to natural […]


Delbarton Wins Catholic Nationals

Congratulations to John Manahan & Yash Patel of Delbarton School for winning the 2019 Catholic Forensics League Grandnational Tournament. In finals, Delbarton defeated Ayush Patel & Jason Scheller of Eagan HS on a 3-2 decision (Hamilton, Sheppard, Shurtz, Teters*, Scheffler*). Full results can be found here. Congratulations to all!


Maya Arora Wins NCFLs

Congratulations to Cape Fear Academy’s Maya Arora for winning the 2019 National Catholic Forensic League’s Grand National Tournament. In finals, Maya defeated Syosset High School’s Ronit Dhulia on a 3-2 decision. Full results and pairings can be found here.


Submit LD topic suggestions!

The NSDA is taking LD topic suggestions until June 1. You can submit your suggested topics here. I plan on submitting some or all of the following topics. The wordings are pretty rough. If you have any suggestions for improving them (or just think some of them definitely should or should not be submitted), please […]


LD Bid Tournaments 2019-20

Automatic Qualifier Octafinals at the previous season’s TOC Octafinal Qualifier Apple Valley (MN) Berkeley (CA) Bronx Science (NY) Emory (GA) Glenbrooks (IL) Greenhill (TX) Harvard (MA) Harvard-Westlake (CA) St. Mark’s (TX) Valley (IA) Quarterfinals Qualifiers Blake (MN) College Prep (CA) Florida Blue Key (FL) Grapevine (TX) Lexington (MA) Loyola (CA) Meadows (NV) Presentation (CA) Stanford […]


Gold PF Bid Tournaments 2019-20

AUTOMATIC QUALIFIERS WHEN COMPETING WITH SAME PARTNERSHIP: Octafinals at the previous season’s TOC Octafinals at the previous season’s NCFL National Tournament Top 14 at the previous season’s National Speech & Debate Association National Tournament Octafinal Qualifiers Apple Valley (MN) Arizona State (AZ) Berkeley (CA) Blake (MN) Bronx Science (NY) Emory (GA) Florida Blue Key (FL) […]


Silver PF Bid Tournaments 2019-20

Qualifying methods for 2019-20: This division will feature teams that qualify through one of the following metrics (in order of priority): Those who reached the TOC Silver public forum octafinals in the previous year’s TOC (fully qualified) International teams (fully qualified) Urban debate league teams with one Silver bid or demonstrated competitive success in their […]


The 2019 Community Equity Scholarship is Live

The Community Equity Scholarship is up and running on the Victory Briefs camp website! The application is open from now until May 19, 2019 11:59 EST. Good luck! Find the scholarship here, or go to the VBI camp website, scroll to the bottom, and select scholarships. The Community Equity Scholarship is a recognition of students […]


Announcing the 2019 Community Equity Scholarship

The Victory Briefs Institute is proud to announce that the Community Equity Scholarship is returning to our 2019 camp sessions. The Community Equity Scholarship is a recognition of students who have been dedicated and continue to dedicate their time and effort to promoting inclusion and diversity on their debate teams, their local circuits, and/or the […]